In Swirling Modes – Miscelanea Guitar Quartet

Composer : OURKOUZOUNOV, Atanas

DO 1045
ISBN : 978-2-89503-820-7
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The Miscelanea Guitar Quartet has been awarded with the following Prizes : 1st and 2nd Prizes in the “Savarez-Corelli“ Chamber Music Guitar Contest (Salzburg, June 2008, 2007), 1st Prize and Special Prize in the International Competition for Interpretation of Contemporary Music 2008 (Salzburg, April 2008), 2nd and 3rd Prizes in the 17th and 18th International Chamber Music Competition of Thessaloniki, Greece (Thessaloniki, December 2007 and 2008), 3rd Prize in the 7th International Chamber Music Guitar Contest “Luys Millan“ (Onteniente, December 2008).

This is the Miscelanea GQ’s 2nd album, full of Balkan flavor and temperament, full of the creative imagination of Atanas Ourkouzounov.