Migrations CD


DO 800
Compacts disk and DVDs
Miroslav Tadić and Dušan Bogdanović, guitars
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan

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1. Early in the Morning (Mala jutarnja)
2. Premonitions (Predskazivanja)
3. Three Winds (Tri vetra)
4. On the Window, Roses…. (Na prozoru, ruže….)
5. With a Cup of Coffee (Uz šoljicu)
6. Next to the City Walls (Pokraj zidina)
7. In the Air made of Glass (U staklenom vazduhu)
8. Ominous Premonitions (Slutnje)
9. In medias res (U sred srede)
10. The Big Blue (Veliko Plavo)
11. Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death (Reke života, reke smrti)
12. Migrations (Seobe)
13. Listening (Osluškivanje)
14. Deep are the Waters (Duboke su vode)
15. Song without End (Pesma bez kraja)