The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Composer : GOSS, Stephen

DO 1048
ISBN : 978-2-89503-823-8 
Chamber music
40 p. + separated parts

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Violin, cello and bass clarinet

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation can be performed in its entirety, or in one of the following selections of movements.

Selection 1

2         The Snail Mound                    10’30”    
7         Jumping Bridge                    
8         The Garden of the Six Senses             
11         The Snake Mound                        

At the end of The Snail Mound, there should be a brief pause before the bass clarinet low D from bar 84 of Two Ways to Paradise appears from silence. When the note has been sounding for a few seconds, the pianist begins Jumping Bridge.

The Snake Mound begins as written, except that the cello enters in bar 2.
Selection 2

1         The Black Hole Terrace                15’00”
2         The Snail Mound                    
8         The Garden of the Six Senses             
9         The Symmetry Break Terrace            
10        Octagonia                        
11        The Snake Mound                    
Selection 3

1         The Black Hole Terrace                8’45”    
2         The Snail Mound                    
3         Soliton Gates                    
4         The Nonsense                        

Selection 4
4         The Nonsense                    11’20”
5         Quark Walk                        
6         Two Ways to Paradise                 
7         Jumping Bridge                    
8         The Garden of the Six Senses

“The Garden of Cosmic Speculation feels timeless – at once prehistoric and futuristic. And despite being inspired by intellectual rigour, the atmosphere is peaceful, even playful.”

The Times (London) 

“A real masterpiece of chamber music.”

John Williams (Soundboard)