41 chansons d’enfant en Ve position

Composer : LECLERCQ, Norbert

DZ 3000
ISBN : 978-2-89737-917-9 
2 guitars
40 p.

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I dare to imagine, to hope, that there are still a lot of parents out there who sing childen songs to their darlings, to get them asleep?… get them to dream?… give them a message?… for them to say «again»?
What a joy for me to assemble these «41 chansons» which passed the test of time, of centuries, while keeping this childish touch that keep them young, eternal!
This will allow children to participate to auditions-concerts while knowing only 3 notes, then 4… accompanied by their teachers of course!
If this album could keep these songs alive until tomorrow, and more, helping to transmit our «culture», allowing us to feed the child in us, I would be the most happy of fathers!

Dear students, teachers,
You can play «C, D, E, F, G» in fifth position… but also in first position! It’s your choice.
From the note «A», it will be another position. BUT, you’ve understood I am sure, the goal is to enable the learning of the fifth position, as proposed in my book «25 confetti», published by Les Productions d’OZ.
The fifth + the first = knowledge of the first 8 frets of your fretboard! Ideally, this album accompanies, in a playful manner, the «25 confetti». Have fun!