In cauda venenum

Composer : GAQUERE, Boris

DZ 234
ISBN : 2-89500-119-7
2 guitars
12 p. + separated parts

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The biographical details provided inform us that guitarist/composer Boris Gaquere was born in Brussels in 1977 and studied there at the Conservatoires Royaux de Musique before moving to Mons to study with the Assad brothers. He has also participated in masterclasses with Leo Brouwer and Roland Dyens.

In cauda venenurn is a Roman proverb alluding to the fact that a scorpion hides venom in its tail; the piece, like the scorpion, is inoffensive before suddenly becoming aggressive.
The piece opens with a rather mundane, syncopated rhythmic pattern which is repeated many times and (for me) all too quickly outstays its welcome. The piece (lasting, I would say, around the 45 minute mark) unfolds with few surprises and eventually works its way to a 13 bar violento section; aggressive it may be but scarcely more interesting. The required technical standard is around Grade 8 and both parts require a sixth string scordatura of E flat. The publication includes a well-produced score and parts, the latter being fully fingered and immediately useable.
(Raymond Burley, Classical Guitar, 12/2000)