Guitar Concerto (piano reduction)

Composer : GOSS, Stephen

DO 920
ISBN : 978-2-89503-695-1 
Concerto for guitar
40 p. + partie séparée

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I – Bold and Bright
II – Adagio Sostenuto, homage to Elgar
III – Finale: Allegro Molto

I don’t know of any guitar concerto which is as consistently successful on all fronts.
– John Williams

Goss’s expertly orchestrated concerto gear-changes from bustling, jazz-fuelled energy to Elgarian mostalgia to vigorous Latin rhythms… a veritable roller-coaster ride.
– Gramophone Magazine

This piece is a treat from beginning to end, using the guitar to the fullest, featuring sections of complex. powerful strumming that drives the multi-metered writing.
– Soundboard

Goss’s wonderful orchestral textures and spaces allow the guitar access to a position where it positively soars along with some quite sumptuous sounds.
– Classical Guitar Magazine

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