Quattro Pezzi Sorprendenti

Composer : SEMINARA, Salvatore
DZ 2493
ISBN : 978-2-89737-410-5 
Guitar and cello
12 p. + separated part

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Product Description

I particularly enjoy composing instrumental parts on a pre-existing piece following the example of some great composers of the past.

This work started from four outstanding original studies by Fernando Sor which, although never banal, sound simple and therefore suitable to be integrated with an additional melodic part which is almost always predominant. 

The intent is not to emulate the style of the famous Spanish author but to give new life to these studies in a spontaneous playful way.

So even unexperienced Guitarists struggling with these works while studying them will have the opportunity to share their experience with other musicians as the part can be easily adapted to other instruments. Furthermore the existing cello-guitar duo will enrich its repertoire with a new piece.

The title “Sorprendenti”, which could be translated with surprising or amazing, sounds ironical in Italian since this word is formed by the name “Sor” followed by “prendenti” whose literal translation could be “Sor-taking”. Indeed the pieces “take” from Sor but, at the same time, produce the “surprising” effect of a composition co-written by two authors living in two different centuries.

Salvatore Seminara