A Semester at Sight

Composer : JOHANSON, Bryan

DZ 2875
ISBN : 978-2-89737-792-2 
Solo Guitar

222 p.

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A daily primer for improving sight-reading on the guitar

FIRST PRINCIPLES: Becoming a good reader on the guitar is a matter of study, practice, experience, intelligence, and common sense.

Becoming a good reader will involve reading.

Tempo and meter matter first. When you begin to read a piece, never break the tempo or alter the beat pattern that is dictated by the meter signature. If the piece is difficult, go slow. You need to develop the ability to keep perfect time.

Your goal in reading a fresh piece of music is to gather several pieces of information about the composition: how hard is it, where are the technical passages, what does it sound like on the instrument, and do you like it?

Stay relaxed; avoid overplaying. Always remain free of tension in both hands.

Good sight-reading is an extension of good musicianship.

Remember to breathe.

Develop good work habits and practice routines.

Be honest with yourself about your skills and abilities.