3 African Sketches

Composer : BOGDANOVIC, Dusan

DO 1130
ISBN : 978-2-89503-905-1 
Solo Guitar
8 p.

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The Early Years Collection – New Edition
Originally published by Guitar Solo Publications (GSP) in San Francisco, the complete catalogue of Dusan Bogdanovic with this publisher has moved and is available right now at Doberman Editions. Each book in this Series has been carefully revised, corrected and re-engraved.

“What wonderful news that some of the earlier masterpieces of Dusan Bogdanovic are being re-published by Doberman. To me he is one of the most inspired composers of nowadays, one whose works reach far beyond the boundaries of the instrument and sparkle in that divine area of human creativity that conquers timelessness.”
– Zoran Dukic

“I firmly believe that when future generations look back at the music composed for guitar in the late 20th and early 21st century, Dusan Bogdanovic’s contributions will be regarded as some of the most creative and innovative of the period. Especially through his exploration of the polyrhythmic and polytonal potential of the guitar, Dusan has stretched the boundaries of what is deemed possible on the instrument, and has expanded its vocabulary for performers and audiences alike. He has shown utter mastery in traversing a wide range of styles, from jazz to 16th century polyphony, from Balkan to African, from tuneful to unforgivingly complex. But no matter where his musical peregrinations take him, he unfailingly expresses his unique and identifiable compositional voice.” 
– William Kanengiser