En attendant Carlotta

Composer : COSTANTINO, Frédéric

DZ 525
ISBN : 2-89500-419-6
Solo Guitar
8 p.

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This is set of three pieces seemingly aimed at the student of around the grade four to five standard starting with an arpeggio study titled Reflets sur L’Eau (although this is marked as ‘Andante’, a more advanced player might like to try this at a much faster speed whereon it takes on a completely new character and is very exciting), followed by two entertaining melodic pieces. This is ideal ma- terial for the midgrade player; good technique builders (chords, slurs, staccato, etc. ), develops the art of phrasing, nice melodies and interesting harmonies. Presentation is excellent and the fingering is kept to a sensible level.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, September 2003)