Sonatina after a Concerto

Composer : GOSS, Stephen

DO 992
ISBN : 978-2-89503-767-5 
Solo Guitar
24 p.

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The Sonatina is a reworking for solo guitar of my Guitar Concerto (2012, DO 910). The three movements that make up the Sonatina are all closely linked with places in London. Circle Line juxtaposes three contrasting musical ideas presented cyclically – “bold and bright”, “lyrical and tender” and “sparkling”. Marylebone Elegy is a homage to Elgar and was written in memory of the guitarist Richard Hand. Richard lived his entire adult life in Marylebone. Canary Wharf takes the hemiola patterns of the canarios and refracts them through the lens of 20th century Latin American music.    

Circle Line was commissioned by the Guitar Art Festival, Belgrade. Carlo Marchione gave the first performance at the National Museum, Belgrade, Serbia, on 16th March 2012.  

Marylebone Elegy was commissioned by the International Guitar Foundation (IGF) for the inaugural London International Guitar Competition. The first performances were given by the six semi-finalists and, subsequently, the three finalists at King’s Place, London, on 9th and 10th March 2012. John Williams has recorded Marylebone Elegy on Stepping Stones JCW2 © 2013. 

Canary Wharf was commissioned by Guitars International for Jonathan Leathwood. The first complete performance of the Sonatina took place at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Ohio, USA, on 24th May 2013. 

Stephen Goss, May 2013


Marylebone Elegy’s recording courtesy of John Williams, as recorded on Stepping Stones – JCW2