Composer : ABREU, Ricardo

DO 1151
ISBN : 978-2-89503-926-6 
Solo Guitar
20 p.

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Inspired by the cinema, suiTUs may be imagined as a small film that is represented in the form of music. Clearly a connection exists between this work and the soundtrack genre and its romantic atmosphere and meanings, or as a tribute to life itself. In creating a game with the sound of words the capital letters “TU” (meaning “you” in Portuguese) and “US” (meaning “we” in English) a dialogue results which alternates throughout the suite; in this way a personal significance is attributed to the titles of the movements. introiTUs represents the birth of the suite or its history, which is indicated in the score as a heartbeat. desenconTrUS, to give the last movements name, finally unites the two subjects (“TU” and “US”) leaving it open as to the interpretation of its meaning, which may be seen to give us the whole “movie” suiTUs.
Ricardo Abreu