The Red Fantasy

Composer : CALLAHAN, Kevin

DO 695
ISBN : 978-2-89503-471-1
Solo Guitar
12 p.
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan

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recorded by Odair Assad on GHA Records

When Odair Assad asked me to compose a piece for him, I was especially honored as I absolutely love his playing and, above all, his sublime musicality, although it was a little daunting to start writing… Remembering an evening spent in his company, telling stories and tasting wines, the idea of a composition based on wine varietals and the musical colors they evoke occurred naturally to me. Structurally, the piece is a fantasy, where seemingly unrelated ideas emerge and circulate in a world of flavors. The Red Fantasy gets underway with a Spanish red, a Tempranillo soon followed by a Syrah built on a driving 5/4 meter with an admixture of jazz, classical and a hint of renaissance style. Then we reach for a gutsy Barbera invoking rock ‘n roll, and just as the Barbera gives rise to Malbec with its South American rhythms, we settle down with an Amarone – a slow, contemplative waltz revealing a complex bouquet – before re-savoring a couple of the earlier varietals. I must say Odair’s fantasy has far exceeded my imagination…