Three Latin-American Dances

Composer : KULP, Jonathan

DZ 648
ISBN : 2-89500-534-6
Solo Guitar
20 p.

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Danza dominicana – Danza cubana no 1 – Danza cubana no 2

Jonathan Kulp is assistant professor of music history and theory at the
University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Music, has a degree in guitar
performance, is a contributor to the New Grove Dictionary of Music and,
perhaps of more importance to guitarists, has made a dissertation study of
the art songs of Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino.

These three Latin-American dances make for fascinating playing which is due
more to the highly complex (and cleverly written) rhythms than to any
lyricism. The second dance, Cubana no. 1, uses overlaying layers of musical
lines to form a mesmerizing montage of rhythmic patterns and of the three is
the most appealing but that is not to belittle the other two which are very
good pieces in their own right.
This set would make a pleasing addition to any repertoire programme for the grade 8 player.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine)