Vingt-sixième ordre

Composer : COUPERIN, F.
DO 808
ISBN : 978-2-89503-583-1 
Solo Guitar
12 p.
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan

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Product Description

as recorded by David Russell on “The Grandeur of the Baroque” (Telarc 33223-02)

David Russell’s transcription of this, the penultimate Ordre of Couperin’s 27 Ordres, is a masterly work for the guitar. The four movements of this work, La Convalescence, La Sophie, L’Épineuse, and La Pantomime show the elegant craftsmanship of Couperin’s writing. This is echoed by Russell’s own experience, musicality and devotion to this music. His transcription retains so much of the original that one has a sense of re-discovery on reading this score. The attentions to detail in this transcription, not only in the part writing but also in Couperin’s own exquisite decorations seem to focus the music to an even greater degree than the original. Here is an accessible masterwork, available to those who are prepared to spend time and effort in learning from not only Francois Couperin but also David Russell. I thank him for making this score available.
John Arran (Classical Guitar Magazine)