Usage Rights

You can now buy all d’OZ and Doberman books in PDF version (except for contest pieces and a few other exceptions). These files are PC, MAC and tablet compatible, and have to be viewed and printed with the freeware Adobe Reader.

If you want to buy a PDF file, select the format you want, click on the «Buy now» button to add it to your cart or finalize the purchase. After the transaction is completed, a confirmation page will display a blue button that will allow you to download your PDF file. Save it to your computer. When opening the PDF file, you will be prompted for a password. The password is the e-mail address that was used to do the purchase.

Pdf Extra

If you need to print more than one copy of the parts, as often needed for large ensembles and classroom material, we now offer the possibility to buy an extended PDF that will legally allow you to print the number of parts you need for your usage. Of course, like the other PDFs, it is not allowed to distribute copies of these files. All you need to do is select the radio button labeled “PDF extra” and click Add to Cart.

Note that the download will be active for a period of 7 days on our server, so be sure to archive your files securely on your computer. You are responsible for making backups of your purchases.