Guarani Suite

Compositeur : BOURNET, Patrick

DZ 1886
ISBN : 978-2-89655-785-1
4 guitares
8 p. + parties séparées

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The Introduction is little above Grade 2 in complexity, but still manages to incorporate a haunting melody, The Danza requires Guitar Four to strum Em, Am, B7 G and D in first position, with an open palm slap here and there. Above this are some musical gems. Guitar Three plays a simple tune and bass accompaniment – redolent of a malaguena but all in minor arpeggios in 6/4 time. Over this, Guitars One and Two play quavers grouped in threes – a hemiola effect, before moving into slightly higher notes with a little more syncopation.
The Huaino seems strumming duties passed over to Guitar Three while the other three lines have a very Villa-Lobos-like dance rhythm. Here and there are some ungainly jumps that seemed to be all about harmony and not about melody, unless you’re happier than me to sing a jump of a diminished compound fourth.
The three movements are so short that it would make little sense to perform just one, and therefore the overall standard is determined by the hardest movement, for which a mixed ability Grade 3-5 ensemble would feel very comfortable. Really rather enjoyable.

Derek Hasted